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Grandmaster Ahn

Grandmaster Kyongwon Ahn immigrated to the United States in the summer of 1967.  At the time he began instruction with the R.O.T.C. program at the University of Cincinnati.


After the University of Cincinnati program was established, a commercial school, Ahn’s Taekwondo College, was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The first gup certificates were awarded to students in September of 1969.


In 1971 the Untied Taekwondo Association (UTA) was founded by Grandmaster Ahn.  His vision was for the UTA to serve as an organization to facilitate the development and spread of Taekwondo in the United States.  It was to be a vehicle through which students and instructors who did not have the benefit of a Grandmaster to receive assistance without the politics of the Kwans - which was an issue in Korea.

As the focus of Taekwondo shifted to recognition as an Olympic sport in the 1980’s, the UTA’s influence and operations were confined to a regional, rather than a national scope.  The purpose was still the same - to assist students and instructors who approached the UTA in their time of need.


Today the UTA acts as the rank repository for Black Belts and color belts who have tested directly with Grandmaster Ahn or one of his affiliated schools.  In addition, the UTA’s Board of Masters is responsible for promotion Testing and curriculum review and development.


Our goal is to expand the influence of the UTA through the development of our existing schools and to attract new schools and club members across the United States.  In addition to providing assistance with rank documentation, the plans are to assist member schools and clubs by offering additional benefits.

Grand Master Ahn

9th Dan

Issued June 8th, 1990



Randolph Smith, Sr.

Kim Limes

Charles Moore



Ryan Newburn

Ken Phillips

Norman Kim

Patrick Brown

Tom Myers


Ahn Institute 

11100 Kenwood Road

 Cincinnati, OH 45242

 Telephone: 513-791-8888




Ahn Taekwondo - California

2566 Telegraph Ave. Suite C

Berkeley, CA 94704

Tel: (510) 280-5157


Integrity Martial Arts

7504 Hamilton Ave.

 Cincinnati, OH  45231

 Phone: 513-324-5872



 Master Tony Gaines



Jacobs’ Taekwondo

 Miami Township Rec Center

 6101 Meijer Drive

 Miami Township, OH  45150

 Telephone:  513-248-3727





 Martin Martial Arts

  6671 Liberty Court

  Liberty Township, OH

  Telephone: 513-759-5425




M. E. Lyons YMCA Taekwondo

 8108 Clough Pike

 Cincinnati, OH 45245

 Mailing:  1986 Wittmeyer, Cincinnati, OH 45230

 Telephone:  513-474-7550





R Bushman Tae Kwon Do, Inc.

 Hyde Park Taekwondo

 3666 Paxton

 Cincinnati, OH 45208

 Mailing Address: 4125 34th Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

 Telephone: 513-884-1489


 Web site:



R Bushman Tae Kwon Do, Inc.

 c/o Five Seasons Sports Club

 11790 Snider Road

 Cincinnati, OH 45249

 Mailing Address: 4125 34th Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

 Telephone: 513-884-1489


 Web site:



University of Notre Dame Taekwondo Club

 c/o 50840 Galaxy Drive

 Granger, IN  46530

 Telephone: 574-807-1440




Westside Taekwondo

Gamble- Nippert YMCA

3159 Montana Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45211

 Mailing Address: 1734 Sanborn Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45215

 Telephone: 513-592-7299




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