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Ahn Classic
Saturday, April 22nd, 2023
Courts 4 Sports - Doors open at 8:30 AM


The Ahn Classic was designed to be a celebration of martial arts.  With the focus on forms, breaking, olympic- style sparring, and point sparring, our goal is to offer an event that caters to all students - not just elite competitors.  The Ahn Classic is a well-run, efficient, family friendly event that participants of all ages and ranks will enjoy.



Order of Events 

Doors open at 8:30 AM

Opening Ceremonies start at 9:30 AM


Special Needs/ Para Events


Creative Breaking

Olympic-style Sparring

Point Sparring



Any traditional martial arts form is accepted.

See Rules for more information.


Breaking techniques performed at multiple stations (2-5 stations).

Boards must be bought at the tournament.


See Rules for more information.

Special needs/
Para events

Forms and Breaking Events.

Participants will compete individually.

Instructor assistance is permitted if needed.

All participants will be awarded first place.

Olympic-style sparring

Modified rules of the AAU will govern this competition.

See Rules for more information.

Point Sparring

Modified rules of the AAU will govern this competition.

See Rules for more information.



divisions image.png


Top quality medals will be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for all events. Participation medals will be awarded to competitors under the age of 9 if they do not place.


Beginner (Beg)

10th-7th Gup (White/Yellow/Orange)

Intermediate (Int)

6th- 4th Gup (Green/Purple/Blue)

Advanced (Adv)

3rd- 1st Gup (Brown/Red/Navy)


All Dan (degree) & Poom (Jr) Black Belts

1 Divisions will be broken down based on the number of competitors on the day of the event.

2 Black belts are included in the Advance Divisions.

NOTE: Any division with fewer than 4 competitors may be combined with a division closest in size and/or rank level. Any division with more than 10 competitors may be divided into smaller divisions. All Final decisions will be made by the tournament coordinator.

How to Register

How to Register

There are 2 easy ways to register. Click below to register online, or print a copy of the registration form and mail in.

Online Registration Closes April 21st

@ 11:00AM


Ahn Taekwondo Institute

11100 Kenwood Road

Blue Ash, Ohio 45242


If postmarked or registered online by April 15, 2023 (early registration): $60 for 2 individual events, $10 for each additional event.

If postmarked or registered online after April 15, 2023, or turned in day of event: $70 for an additional event.

We maintain a no refund policy.

This year, to continue to have an efficient event, we are asking coaches to register in advance. There is no charge for a coach's pass if you register online.


There will be a $20 coach's pass fee the day of the event. You must have a pass to coach. Click the link to the right to register.

Directors of the Ahn Classic

Master Jamie Hamilton

Master Jamie Hamilton is the co-owner & chief instructor of Ahn’s Taekwondo Institute, LLC. Master Hamilton is a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo and is member of the UTA Board of Masters. She is the creator of the Little Bears program, “I am Strong I am Brave” Girl Scouts program and a comprehensive women’s self-defense program. She is a former US national Taekwondo team member and world class athlete who represented the United States around the world. Master Hamilton has two wonderful children who also love Taekwondo. Master Hamilton and her husband Master Kim run the daily operations at Ahn Taekwondo.

Master Norman Kim

Master Norman Kim is a 6th degree black in Taekwondo. Master Kim is the head of the UTA Classic Weapons program at Ahn Taekwondo, member of the UTA Board of Masters and a certified national level referee. He also has a black belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing. Master Kim loves working with his wife Master Hamilton to teach Taekwondo in the Greater Cincinnati area.

About the United Taekwondo Association 

In 1971 the United Taekwondo Association (UTA) was founded by Grandmaster Ahn.  His vision was for the UTA to serve as an organization to facilitate the development and spread of Taekwondo in the United States.  It was to be a vehicle through which students and instructors who did not have the benefit of a Grandmaster to receive assistance without the politics of the Kwans - which was an issue in Korea.


As the focus of Taekwondo shifted to recognition as an Olympic sport in the 1980’s, the UTA’s influence and operations were confined to a regional, rather than a national, scope.  The purpose was still the same - to assist students and instructors who approached the UTA in their time of need.



Courts 4 Sports

854 Reading Road

Mason, Ohio 45040

From North

  • Take I-71 South towards Cincinnati

  • Take the OH-741 N/ Kings Mills Rd exit (Exit 25) towards Mason Turn slight right onto OH-741

  • Turn Left onto Kings Mills Rd

  • Turn Left onto Kings Mills Rd

  • Turn Left onto US-42/ E Main St

  • Turn Left onto S Reading Rd/US-42

From South

  • Take I-75 N towards Dayton

  • Take the Tylersville Rd exit (Exit 22) towards Mason

  • Turn Right onto Tylersville Rd

  • Turn Right onto Snider Rd

  • Turn Right on S Reading Rd/ US-42



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